How Digital Dentistry Improves the Patient Experience

May 24, 2018

Digital dentistry provides dentists with new and effective ways to increase comfort, improve outcomes, and make patient information easily accessible while keeping it safe.

Digital Impressions for Precise Restorations

Traditional dental impression molds are subject to slight changes that can occur during handling. While some shaping is necessary with most restorations, these variations require the dentist to spend a significant amount of time making adjustments to bridges, crowns, and veneers. Dental putty can also be messy to bite into and uncomfortable.

With digital dentistry, however, patient impressions are scanned through a specially designed computer program. This technology delivers prosthetics with improved precision, greatly reducing the margin of error. In addition to better results, scanned impressions are easily stored, and if a prosthetic such as a crown or denture is damaged or lost, a replacement can be crafted quickly with no need for a new impression.

Digital Record-Keeping

Digital records that are more accessible and can be updated easily. Your precious time isn’t taken with extensive paperwork as intake forms are minimized and modified as needed. Your information and history are efficiently stored, and specific information that may have been buried in a paper file is at the dentist's fingertip saving even more time.

This digitized information is kept secure with built-in safeguards while treatment information can be shared with ease between dentists, specialists and other medical professionals.

Questions about Digital Dentistry?

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